Web App Development

Since 1998, Netcentix has been developing leading-edge, robust, and secure web applications to help clients improve their business process. Our strength lies in our ability to quickly understand the clients' needs and to design the right solutions to meet their business objectives.

Whether you need a custom business application, data integration, a member portal, or a Web 2.0 application, our experienced professionals will work closely with you to get the job done.

Web portals allows organizations to deliver dynamic, interactive, managed, and personalized content to targeted audiences. Netcentix has extensive experience in portal development. We can create an enterprise portal using our existing portal framework to save time and money, or we can create a new portal framework from the ground up.

Instead of the traditional uni-directional information delivery, Web 2.0 applications enable user-to-user interaction, content contribution, and content sharing. Netcentix has developed turn-key web 2.0 components that can be integrated with your web site or customized for your specific applications.

Software-as-a-service (SaaS) SaaS reduces business software acquisition cost and allows vendors to offer flexible delivery and licensing models. With a strong background in web applications and hosting technologies, Netcentix has the technical know-how to create SaaS solutions that are secure, configurable, scalable, reliable, user friendly, and cost-effective.

Project Experiences

  • Web-to-print
  • Online store/catalog
  • Email statement
  • Rich media reporting
  • Blog, RSS, podcast
  • Content management system
  • Online content contribution
  • Online job posting
  • Online job application
  • Calendaring
  • Online forum
  • Online survey, poll, and quiz
  • Clinical data management
  • Knowledge base
  • User management
  • Membership management
  • Online directory
  • User authentication
  • Mobile application

Technology Competencies

  • n-Tier architecture
  • .NET Framework
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • Web Service
  • Ajax, JavaScript
  • IIS (5.0, 6.0, 7.0)
  • C#, C/C++
  • Adobe Flash and Flex
  • Web Forms
  • Windows Server

Development Process

Over the past 12 years, Netcentix has created a proven effective development process to ensure the success of every project. Through continuous improvement, we designed the process to give clients more control, minimize risk, manage changes, and produce desired outcome.

We adhere to the best-practices in application development. All projects are completed in-house by Netcentix staff. We do not outsource your project to another firm, a practice that's often associated with poor communication and unpredictable results.

Requirement Analysis

In this stage, Netcentix will thoroughly understand the client's needs and expectations to define project deliverables. We'll elicit requirement documents and associated materials from the client. Meetings and brainstorm sessions will be held to discuss and clarify the requirements. Netcentix will also provide technical recommendations to achieve specific goals. At the end of requirement analysis, a set of project feature lists will be generated and the project timeline will be established.

Architecture and Design

In this stage, Netcentix will create system designs and execution plans that can meet the requirements. Tasks include designing system architecture, designing database structure, recommending hardware configurations, designing user access models, creating implementation guidelines, and creating a testing strategy.


Based on the project design documents, Netcentix developers and graphic designers will create the actual code and the user interface for each feature. Developers will also conduct unit testing to ensure that the code behaves as intended. We provide the client with periodic progress updates and previews of the completed modules.


The application will be thoroughly tested by Netcentix QA specialists on a test server which simulates the final production server. Depending on the nature of the application, testing may include functional testing, regression testing, system testing, security testing, HTML/CSS validation, cross-browser compatibility, performance, and load testing.

Client Review, Change Management, and Iteration of Process

User review is an important part of the process, providing us with valuable feedback. We keep an open communication with the client during the development. We try to solicit client feedback as early as possible so we can use an iterative approach to fine tune the application. Based on the client feedback, the steps above are iterated through until the desired results are achieved.

User Acceptance and Deployment

Once the application is fully tested and approved by the client, Netcentix will deploy the application according to the planning documents. Final documentations, as described as part of the deliverables, will be handed over to the client. After the application is deployed, Netcentix staff will follow up to access customer satisfaction.
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