Business Grade Hosting

When the website is a critical component of your business, you need reliability, security, and service. Since 1998, Netcentix has been providing FULLY MANAGED, BUSINESS GRADE hosting services to our website and application development clients. By streamlining development and hosting, we can guarantee the performance of your website and application to give you peace of mind.

Data Centers

Netcentix utilizes Data Centers which assure 100% uninterrupted network and power availability. We have servers located in data centers in Fremont, CA, Dallas, TX, and Atlanta, GA. These data centers provide 24x7x365 support to Netcentix personnel, biometric security, fire suppression, backup generators, and redundant electrical systems. Direct connections to Internet backbones allow for fast, robust data transfer of up to 100 gigabits/sec.

Server Configuration

Depending on the needs of your web site and application, we will recommend a cost-effective server configuration in a shared or dedicated environment. Even in the shared environment, your web site is hosted along with web sites and applications we developed. Therefore, we can guarantee the performance of your web site will not be affected by another unknown web site. In the dedicated environment, we provide the flexibility and the power your application requires. As the web site grows, we have the scalability to provide seamless transition to a more powerful configuration.


Netcentix provides hosting security measures that meet or exceed industry standards.
  • OS hardening
  • Strong passwords
  • Port Lockdown
  • FTP IP Lockdown
  • Multiple layers of server monitoring and intrusion detection
  • Software and OS patch verification and application by Microsoft certified personnel
  • Commercial grade server anti-virus and anti-spyware
  • Firewall
Additional security measures can be arranged based on the requirements of the web application.

Uptime Monitoring

Netcentix uses a redundant monitoring system on 3 different backbones. This system comprises 2 different software packages to ensure complete coverage and no downtime in the event of a single-point failure. These systems communicate directly with Netcentix support personnel via email, text messaging, and mobile phone. Netcentix guarantees 99.9% server uptime. However, the actual server uptime has far exceeded this level.


Netcentix uses redundant backup methodologies to ensure complete data backup and robust recovery.
  • Daily backup
  • Mirrored server
  • Daily backup with offsite storage for databases


Netcentix provides priority support to all of our Business Grade hosting clients. You can contact support by phone or by email. More importantly, application support, including technical support, troubleshooting, and configuration updates, is included in the hosting plan if the application is developed by Netcentix.

Anti-Spam Services

Netcentix provides a FULLY MANAGED anti-spam and anti-virus solution, SpamStop. It operates outside your network as an intelligent gatekeeper to prevent spam and virus-infected emails from reaching your computers without blocking legitimate messages. In fact, with SpamStop you will never lose a legitimate email!

SpamTrap Key Benefits

  • Unique Advantages of Managed Service. Low cost. Easy to implement. Worry-free.
  • Highly Effective. Stops 95% to 99% of all spam.
  • Low False Positive Rate. Never lose legitimate emails.
  • Flexible. Can be fine-tuned to make it work the best for you.
  • Scalable. It’s suitable for one user or thousands of users.
  • Easy to Use. There is nothing to learn and nothing to maintain.
  • Commercial Virus Detection. Optional virus detection prevents email viruses.
If your organization has one or more of the following characteristics, SpamStop is an ideal anti-spam and anti-virus solution for you.
  • Your finding IT resources are scarce and costly.
  • You have 5 - 5000 email accounts.
  • You manage multiple locations.
  • You know what business losses from spam or viruses can cost.
  • You are cost-conscious.
SpamStop is a highly effective anti-spam and anti-virus solution with no hidden costs. Its low monthly fee includes around the clock spam and virus filter updates. Protected by the most up-to-date anti-spam and anti-virus filters, you gain maximum peace of mind at a cost far less than what spam is costing you now!

Domain Name Management

Domain names are among your most important assets.

They are not only an organization’s online representation but also intimately connected to the operations of its web site and applications through Domain Name Server (DNS) hosting records. Proper domain name management will preserve your online branding, protect your intellectual properties, facilitate internal IT functions, reduce unexpected outage, and prevent domain hijacking.

At Netcentix, we have domain name management and DNS experts on staff to provide professional domain management and setup even the most challenging DNS configurations.

Domain Name Registration

Before you launch a business, new product, marketing campaigns, register relevant domain names first to protect your intellectual properties. Registering your domains with Netcentix is fast, secure, and reliable. We offer competitive pricing and multiyear discount.

All the domain names registered by or transferred to Netcentix are registrar-locked to prevent domain hijacking. We’ll send you renewal notices when it’s time to renew. We also provide FREE domain privacy service to protect you from domain-related spam. Through this service, your name, address, phone number, and email will not be listed in the domain’s public records and therefore will not be harvested by spammers.

Registering your domain name with Netcentix also gives us more flexibility in the development and hosting of your web site and application. We can easily setup different test environments and can make instant IP address changes if needed.

DNS Management

Proper DNS management is essential to ensure the function of your web site and email. Netcentix provides DNS management along with domain registration. We’ll make sure your domain has proper settings to support all domain-related activities.
  • 4 reliable name servers
  • Fast time-to-live period
  • A, MX, CNAME, SPF or DomainKey management
  • Sub-domains and domain aliasing
  • URL forwarding and email forwarding
Most of the routine DNS management tasks are FREE with domain registration. We charge a nominal fee for complex tasks that include providing technical consultation to the client.
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