Page Optimization

Page optimization is hard work but it produces long lasting effects in the natural search results.

Page and Content Optimization

Page optimization requires more than just including the keywords in the meta tags. It requires careful engineering of the invisible page elements and the visible copy on a page to make the page rank favorably according to the search engines indexing algorithms. Netcentix SEO experts use an iterative approach in page optimization. As a page is optimized, it is evaluated by search engine simulation software. Based on the evaluation results, the page elements are modified. This process repeats until a desired score is reached.

SEO has moved beyond optimizing single pages at the web site. Search engines will now examine multiple pages of the web site to determine the content theme that involves multiple related keywords. The content theme at the web site provides convincing evidence to the search engines that the web site offers credible and meaningful content for targeted keywords.

The popularity of the web site plays another important role in SEO. Search engines consider the web site more popular if there are more incoming links (back links) to the web site. It also matters where the back links are from. Popular, high traffic, and reputable web sites will carry more weight if they have links to your web site. Using social media bookmarking is one of the quickest way to gain back links from popular sites such as Facebook, Twitter, My Space, Linked-In, etc. Social media bookmarking tools should be strategically placed at the web site to encourage visitors to bookmark the page.

Considering all the factors that will affect SEO, SEO should not be an after-thought of web site development. Instead, for best results, SEO must be part of the overall plan from the ground up. At Netcentix, our SEO experts work closely with our development team to build a solid foundation for search engine marketing, from information flow to page structure to social media marketing.
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