Google Adwords

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) campaigns are quick ways to drive targeted traffic to a web site. In PPC campaigns, you compete by placing bids on keywords. The ads with the highest bid will be displayed first.

Pay-Per-Click Campaigns

Although anybody can setup a PPC campaign at Google, what matters is click-through rate and conversion rate. There are 4 key factors in successful Pay-Per-Click campaigns:
  1. Keywords: selecting the right keywords
  2. Bids: determining the optimal bids
  3. Ad Copy: writing effective ads to catch the attention of target audience
  4. Landing Page: having an engaging landing page with a call-to-action
Netcentix uses a proven-effective process to create and manage PPC campaigns to help the client maximize ROI. We’ll proactively track, manage, and improve your PPC campaigns to make them one of best marketing investment.

Analyze Competitors, Keywords, and Bids

PPC keyword selection should never be random. Otherwise, your PPC campaigns could become expensive mistakes. We will analyze your competitors and target market to create a list of potential keywords. This list includes keywords you may already know and keywords you probably have never thought of. Do not underestimate the keywords you’ve never thought of. These keywords may give you the best ROI. Why? Because you’re viewing your market from a professional or provider perspective. Our research will discover what your customers will actually use to find you.

Depending on the nature of your products and services, the most popular keywords may or may not be worth the money. For each keyword, we’ll weight its bids, its traffic, and its relevance to determine a suitable bid that can bring you the best ROI.

Write Effective Ad Copy

An effective PPC ad will stand out from competitors and attract quality leads. PPC ads only allow very limited number of words. Therefore, every word must contribute to the quality of the ad. Many factors can affect the click-through rate, including but not limited to placement of keywords, description of the offer, calls to action, geographic locations, and even the inclusion of phone numbers. The interplay of these factors and the limitation of ad space makes ad copy writing a challenging task. It requires marketing experience, creative writing techniques, and understanding how the ads work in different search engines.

At Netcentix, we not only intimately understand the complexity involved in writing ad copy, we’re also marketing professionals who know how to position your offers to attract high quality leads. We use a variety of methods to create effective PPC ads. Some of them include:
  • Dynamic Keyword Insertion. The keywords in your ad will be exactly what the visitor is searching for.
  • Use keywords in the ad. Visitors pay more attention to ads that contain the keywords they are searching for.
  • Use numbers, such as pricing, time, and count. When visitors scan the ads, numbers will stand out from text.
  • Include calls to action. Prompt visitors to take the next step.
  • Make an attractive offer. Give the visitors a good reason to click on the ad.
  • Emphasize the benefits of the products or services. Let the visitors know the value they will get.
  • And many more ...
Finally, test, learn, and improve. The landscape of the PPC industry is changing rapidly. We constantly research the trend in PPC ads and test new techniques to improve ad quality.

Construct Actionable Landing Page

The next important step in a PPC campaign is the landing page from the ads. To be effective and to give you the room for testing, landing pages should not be regular pages at the web site. There are many benefits in creating separate PPC landing pages. You don’t need to worry about how the page will affect your SEO effort because it’s not meant to be accessed by regular web site visitors. And you can quickly test different copy, designs, or offers.

It’s estimated that it takes less than 2 seconds for visitors to determine if they want to stay on the landing page. Some of the characteristics of effective landing pages include:
  • Highly relevant to the ad. They should contain the words or offers stated in the ad. Put the relevant information at the top of the page.
  • Visually engaging and interesting. Use bullets, bigger fonts, and headlines to aid fast scanning. Use relevant graphics or multimedia to make the content interesting to the visitors.
  • Minimal distraction. Including all the layout graphics and links may be counterproductive. Instead, strategically select graphics and links that can contribute to the conversion.
  • Strong calls to action. This is the conversion step. It must be made very clear to the visitors what the next step they need to take.
To attract visitors’ attention and maximize conversion rate, Netcentix PPC experts will consider an even broader spectrum of factors to create and test landing pages.

Track Click-Throughs and Conversions

Tracking the results of PPC campaigns provides important data for continuous improvement. We’ll use a variety of in-house tools and tools provided by search engines to track click-throughs and conversions. Reports will be provided to the client. These statistics not only gives us directions to fine tune keywords, ads, and landing pages but also allows us to uncover new trends in the market. Based on the tracking data, we’ll weed out low performing keywords, adjust bids, and test different ads and landing pages to improve click-though and conversion rates. Only through continuous improvements will the PPC campaigns become sustainable and profitable.
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