Ecommerce Mobile Apps

Expanding your online store to mobile devices allows you to capture this rapid growing market. Mobile ecommerce apps have been shown to drive up revenue and improve customer loyalty. Mobile shoppers are expected to spend 72 percent more than non-mobile shoppers.

The chances are that you have already thought about creating a mobile app for your online store. However the complexity and the cost involved in developing an ecommerce mobile app has deterred the initiative. You may have contemplated questions like
  • How much an ecommerce mobile app will cost? What’s the return on investment?
  • Should I have a mobile store now or wait another year or two?
  • Should I start with a full-featured app or an app that is simpler and costs less?
  • What features should I offer in the ecommerce app?
  • Do I need separate apps for smartphones and tablets?
Netcentix mobile experts can help you analyze these factors and recommend solutions that will fit your needs and goals.

Netcentix Mobile Ecommerce App Features

Mobile-Optimized Navigation
After analyzing hundreds of mobile apps, we have discovered the optimal navigation designs that will make your customers feel at home. They can open your ecommerce app and start shopping right away - no learning curve or trying to figure out where to go. There is a clear path to follow in navigating through the app. The screen displays the most relevant buttons to help customers find exactly what they need.

Engaging Mobile Catalog
This is the heart of the ecommerce app. How the products are organized and presented is the one of the factors that determines if the app will be successful. The type of products you sell and the target market will influence the design of the mobile catalog. There should be a balance between keeping screen uncluttered and providing enough information.

Convenient Shopping Tools
According to market research, the #1 reason consumers use mobile device is convenience. To make the app finger-friendly and minimize typing, we implement convenient shopping tools such as account login, barcode or QR code scanner, options to refine and sort results, multiple photo photos, customer ratings, browsing history, wish list, one-click ordering, and more.

Easy Checkout and Flexible Payment Methods
Don’t discourage your customers at the last step of mobile shopping. We make the checkout process easy by only requesting information that is absolutely necessary and eliminating those nice-to-have fields during checkout. For existing customers, the shipping and payment information is automatically populated after login. Multiple payment methods, including credit card, PayPal, and gift card, can be seamlessly integrated into the app.

Powerful Store Management
During the past 14 years, Netcentix has developed sophisticated online store management tools that provide merchants with flexibility and reliability. The same store management tools can be used for managing ecommerce mobile apps. In addition, we add functionalities that allow you to take full advantage of the features in mobile devices. For example, you can use push notification to announce promotions to mobile customers and offer mobile-only discounts to encourage customers to download the app.

Merchants that have an ecommerce mobile app will attract more customers and build better customer loyalty. Any merchants that wish to thrive in the next 3 years need to incorporate a mobile strategy into their business. To discover how we can implement the right mobile ecommerce solution for you, contact a knowledgeable mobile specialist at Netcentix.
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