Corporate Mobile Apps

Create corporate mobile apps to expand your market reach and capture mobile audience. Deliver information that is catered to mobile users to build customer relationship and brand loyalty.

With the rapid growth of mobile devices, mobile apps have become a valuable business tool for organizations to improve sales, marketing, and business process in general. Corporate mobile apps provides users with targeted information that can help them find products and services, conduct various interactive activities, and be informed with the latest updates. Examples of corporate mobile apps:

Mobile apps for engaging customers and building community awareness.
  • Access latest news, events, and video
  • Participate in blogs and discussions
  • Look up addresses and contacts
  • Login to password protected areas
  • Send inquiries and sign-up forms

Mobile apps for delivering in-depth information on products and services.
  • Find products by searching or scanning
  • View specifications and documents
  • Submit support ticket and get live support
  • Access knowledge base
  • Enter and track your personal notes

Mobile apps for streamlining operations and boosting productivity.
  • Manage shipping and receiving
  • Push appointment and renewal reminders
  • Track service calls and records
  • Process payments
  • Automate customer service

Drawing on our over 14 years of usability-centered design and programming expertise, Netcentix mobile experts work with clients to define their needs and develop corporate mobile apps that can deliver the maximum return-on-investment.

App Architecture

  This is the blue print for your mobile app. It not only defines the high level functionality requirements but also maps out how the app will interact with your internal system and how it can be maintained and updated.

User Experience Design

  Designing for mobile devices is quite different than designing a desktop website. To achieve superior user experience, we take into considerations of many design aspects that are unique to mobile devices, such as responsiveness, touch navigation, user input model, and device-specific features.

Programming and Build

  A myriad of technologies is available for programming mobile apps. An app can be built using HTML 5, native languages for the device or a hybrid of both. They all have their own pros and cons. Netcentix mobile experts analyze your app requirements and recommend appropriate programming language based its purpose and features.

Integration with Internal Systems

  The use of a stand-alone mobile app is limited. To make mobile apps part of your business operations, you need to connect them to your internal infrastructure. Netcentix developers are well versed in various enterprise level integration technologies. We can seamlessly integrate mobile apps with your internal systems.


App Update and Maintenance

  The initial launch of the mobile app is only the starting point. How apps can be updated, maintained, and expanded plays a key role in its adoption rate and user base. When we build a mobile app, we include mechanism for clients to update the app content and infrastructure for future expansion.

Mobile apps are becoming as important for organizations as corporate web sites. Organizations that do not have mobile apps are missing out a huge opportunity. To discover how mobile apps can benefit your organization and propel it to the new level, contact a knowledgeable mobile specialist at Netcentix.
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